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Getting the word(s) out about your services and expertise

What do I get from your freelance blog writing and planning services?

I'm glad you asked. With Google's Helpful Content Update released in August 2022, I am here for all of your SEO blog writing needs. Whether you need help planning a topic cluster, want to improve your SEO-focused content, or just need an extra pair of hands to keep on top of your content strategy. 

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Strategy & planning

The first SEO content service I offer is strategy and planning. For this, we get together for a chat to discuss your business, goals, mission, and ideal customer. 

Then I can help you map out your next 6-12 blogs, map out an entire topic cluster, or help you plan out your content for the next quarter.


If you have that covered and just need a hand writing your content, see the next section.

Blog writing

Next up is blog writing. This is ideal for those of you who just don't have the time to keep on top of your own marketing. And fair enough, really. You're either too busy doing everything else or servicing your clients. 

I write SEO-focused blog content for all sorts of SMBs and creative independents. I've written content for all sorts, from luxury hotels to IT service companies. And lots of work in HR Tech and L&D.

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How much does it cost?

Current costs for blogs/articles are: 

Short blog

approx. 500 words


Standard blog 

approx. 1,000 words


Long blog

approx. 1,500 words


*these prices are based on my February - August 2023 rates. Price includes 1 round of amends


Get found for the right reasons with a great sitemap, clear copy, and conversion-driven landing pages.


Get right in there with high quality content that the Google Helpful Content Update really loves.


Content marketing trends, insights, and nonsense anecdotes straight to your inbox every two weeks.


Book a free 30-min call to discuss your project, plans, budget, and timelines. Speak soon!

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