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Full recording of my BrightonSEO talk titled "What the Clusterfuck? How to convince Google you're an expert and plan your content faster"

Swydo is an SEO reporting tool. Ahead of BrightonSEO, they interviewed me about my talk, career in marketing, tools I use, and upcoming trends in digital marketing.

Spoke with Jack on the Search With Candour podcast about content planning and strategy for small businesses and one-person marketing teams.

Wrap up of top talks at BrightonSEO October 2022. Listening to someone drive the subject home with such gusto (and a lot of swearing) was really refreshing

On this webinar panel about neurodiversity in the workplace, I shared my experiences of being neurodivergent both in formal employment and as a freelancer.

I spoke with the YATM community about SEO, content planning, and website copy. It was a Q&A session in the heart of Bristol for a group of small business owners.

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Looking for a speaker for your podcast or conference? I'd love to get involved.

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