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Building communities, nurturing leads, and speaking directly to your audience

Deep dive into your specialist subjects, target vital keywords, and share genuinely helpful content.


Why should I bother with cornerstone content?

Google has been leading the way with people-first content for a while now. The August 2022 Helpful Content Update has cemented the importance of in-depth, detailed content designed to really help people. Well-written and researched cornerstone content is the pinnacle of SEO-friendly (and customer-friendly) content.

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What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is basically a jacked-up version of best-practice blog content.

So what makes it so special? Well, for starters it's usually a minimum of 3,000 words long.

Cornerstone content is a great chance to really dig into a topic. You can share loads of other resources that you've already created on the topic, a bunch of research, and show off your expert status. 

Not to mention, it has a great chance of ranking on Google (and other search engines)

What's the process?

We have a call (which you can book through the button below) to discuss your SEO needs, target audience, brand, timelines, etc.

For cornerstone content to be effective, you need to know which keywords/phrases you are targetting with this content and why.

In terms of logistics, I'll need you to pay a deposit and sign a contract before we begin.


Once all that is done, I'll send you a briefing template with a bunch of information I need and then I'll write it for the agreed deadline. 

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How much does it cost?

Cornerstone content

per 1,000 words


Supporting blogs (each)

approx.1,000 words


Additional edits

(per hour)


These prices are applicable for February - August 2023. Price includes 1 round of amends and a call to discuss goals, brand, SEO needs, etc.


Add to your bank of rankable content with search optimised articles and content planning.


Get found for the right reasons with a great sitemap, clear copy, and conversion-driven landing pages.


Content marketing trends, insights, and nonsense anecdotes straight to your inbox every two weeks.


Book a free 30-min call to discuss your project, plans, budget, and timelines. Speak soon!

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